Teaching Healthy Expressive Technique

Penelope Roskell’s new online course, Teaching Healthy Expressive Technique, launched in November 2021. Based on her award-winning book, The Complete Pianist, this online course gives both new and experienced piano teachers and music students an in-depth understanding of how to teach all aspects of piano technique to beginners, intermediate and advanced students.

Course features
  • The course is divided into six parts featuring thirty-one high-quality videos (approx. 9 hrs total) with multiple camera angles.
  • Each aspect of technique is presented in a step-by-step approach, starting with simple, unique exercises devised by Penelope herself which are then developed into more complex ones.
  • The videos are supplemented with detailed notes and numerous musical examples which can also be downloaded for ease of use.
  • Repertoire featured includes well known pieces from all levels plus several original pieces by Penelope designed to demonstrate specific concepts.
  • The course forms the basis of the Trinity Laban pedagogy course and the ideas and concepts within are all supported by the latest research in the biomechanics of piano playing and current pedagogical thinking.
  • Several intuitive navigation options enable you to follow the course sequentially at your own pace and convenience or to reference specific topics when needed.

Students of the new course will be able to access feedback from Penelope Roskell and former students via follow-up Q&A sessions and the dedicated Roskell Academy support group on Facebook. They will also have the opportunity to work towards accreditation in the Roskell Method if they wish.

A healthy piano technique not only avoids injury but also helps to achieve a more beautiful sound, greater artistic freedom and faster progress. This comprehensive course will help you to resolve common problems and instil a well-coordinated, confident approach to technique in your students, paving the way for a lifetime of fruitful, expressive and injury-free playing!

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The course forms the core of the piano pedagogy course at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, London.  Group reductions are available for staff and students at other music schools  (contact Ryan Morison at [email protected]). 

V.M. (USA)
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What an amazing course! I have 4 degrees in piano and music theory and I’ve been successfully teaching for 18 years. I have learned SO MUCH. Starting to put it into practice tomorrow.
A.F (Canada)
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I have purchased the new Roskell course on Technique. First, let me congratulate you on its production, on both the videos and their content. It's impossible to find content on piano technique of such high calibre online. Until now.