Penelope Roskell

International Pianist & Teacher


Penelope Roskell has light, nimble fingers and an imagination to match. Everything , in fact, is minutely thought through and faultlessly achieved.
Hilary Finch, The Times

This intelligent pianist was able to offer a stimulating recital .. a chance to observe Roskell's dignified power, her smooth runs and the contrapuntal clarity which later made the (Schubert) C minor Allegretto a beautifully accomplished performance...the (Bach) Gigue had not only fugal intensity but also the physical exhilaration of a Chopin study...Roskell's fine performance suggests that she could play anything.
Paul Griffiths, The Times

With obvious relish and evident skill, Penelope Roskell undertook the arduous task of interpreting both of Shostakovitch's piano concertos. In the second concerto, her sensitivity to the underlying melodic impulse enabled both the high spirits of the fast outer movements and the romantic languor of the central slow one to come across with complete conviction.
Meirion Bowen, The Guardian.

Penelope Roskell played (Debussy Preludes Book 1)with dedication and sensitivity ...she felt and played from inside the music's magically sonorous world, and articulated with style.
Anthony Payne, Daily Telegraph inspired piano part brilliantly played by Penelope Roskell
Gerald Larner, The Guardian

Schumann's music...beautifully played by Penelope Roskell
The Independent

The lightness of the sparkling string introduction (Mozart Piano Concerto No 14 in piano quintet arrangement) created a wonderful backdrop for the majestic solo entries; with almost effortless ease, Roskell answered light phrases in the quartet with passages of fiendish virtuosity, alternating long brilliant flourishes with intimate lyricism. The breathless Allegro was followed by the singing Andantino – elan combined with tenderness, and the whole work was feisty and full of brio. This combination of tender, mature understanding with youthful vigour and virility seems characteristic of the Fitzwilliam Quartet; they are capable of the highest passion, tempered by delicacy, subtlety and depth.

Reviews of The Art of Piano Fingering

A mammoth undertaking is displayed by Penelope Roskell in her new Art of Piano Fingering. Roskell goes deeply and intelligently way beyond any point reached before, carefully considering the practicalities and alternatives, laying ground rules, giving copious examples from the great pianists. I like the presentation, the premise and the price.
Classical Piano

The book is succinct, easy to read and packed with well-chosen examples. It brings a fresh approach to an integral part of piano playing and teaching and should be read by everyone who does either or both. It could well be called the “Thinking Person’s Guide to Fingering” and as such will be particularly helpful to adult beginners who need to think things through for themselves rather than simply do what they’re told.
Piano Journal

A thought-provoking read calculated to stimulate every open-minded teacher – a highly recommendable rethink
Michael Round, Music Teacher

This is a very exciting book, challenging many traditional concepts of fingering for the piano. It is based on logical principles, but gives alternatives allowing for individual choice according to size and shape of hand, or just plain personal preference. Amply illustrated and including exercises to encourage students to think for themselves, it is a most valuable and thought-provoking work
European Piano Teachers Association Newsletter

The book is a provocation to consider all possible fingerings in order to choose the one that best reflects the idiosyncracies of the individual’s hand as well as the desired musical effect. While most of the space is devoted to scales and arpeggios, Roskell always remains focused on the musical result. This is certainly a lifelong search …the Art of Piano Fingering provides a fine beginning.
Piano and Keyboard USA

Penelope Roskell’s The Art of Piano Fingering is written with all the insight of an experienced performer and is an invaluable book for pianists of all ages whose ears and minds are still open to new ways of thinking in this essential art Imogen Cooper Stimulating, provoking the mind into questioning many established but clumsier fingerings. This book is long overdue and would prove a valuable addition to the literature of the piano student
John Lill

Reviews of Yoga for Musicians

In this DVD, Penelope Roskell comes across as speaking with the authority of genuine personal experience and long and sincere study of her material. This all-colour DVD creates a sense of space and tranquillity… with uplifting views of the Thames at Greenwich, and of the elegant classical architecture of the Old Royal Naval College and a few delightful musical sound-bites. Roskell does the well-paced voice-over herself, describing all her yoga-based remedial exercises simply and clearly.
Piano Professional

This is a very important publication – it cannot be overstated how vital a need this video serves. Professionally filmed in an attractive setting…highly recommended. Piano Journal An excellent DVD… Penelope Roskell has done a great service to all musicians whatever instrument they play by producing this DVD. A very useful resource.
Flutewise Magazine

Roskell puts across the basic principles in a clear, simple, undemanding way – the ideal way to lead the uninitiated to water and let them drink of the benefits that yoga can bring
The Singer

While classically based, all the exercises and principles here apply equally well to gigging rock and jazz musicians. In short, this is a terrific DVD. Whether you’re a student or a seasoned pro, it will pay for itself immeasurably in freedom from aches, pains and tiredness, and possibly even free up your playing posture and technique. A remarkable source of information for all musicians. Performing Musician The best thing is the 20-minute daily programme of traditional postures – perfect for pre-concert warm-ups, midday rehearsal chillout or weekend fitness binges

Yoga for Musicians is in my view very well put together and will be of benefit to both teachers and musicians alike. I would have no reservations about recommending it to Yoga teachers and musicians.
Bill Feeney, Director, Yoga for Health Foundation

A very informative and interesting piece of work…diction and instructions are excellent and the pacing is good –personally I found the section on the effects of stiffness/tension on playing most interesting.
Tim Naylor, Director, British Council for Yoga Therapy