Heathy Piano Playing

Healthy Piano Playing

Penelope Roskell has created Healthy Piano Playing, a free website resource for pianists, which offers advice about preventing and recovering from injury.

These articles are now also available to purchase in extended format from the Online Academy. The extended version includes numerous video demonstrations on how to prevent and recover from the most common piano-related injuries.


Piano playing is a physically demanding activity. Just as elite athletes understand and care for their bodies, so should pianists think carefully about their approach to playing and practising. A healthy piano technique not only avoids injury, it also helps to achieve a more beautiful sound, greater freedom of expression and quicker progress, as well as ensuring a life-long enjoyment of music-making.


If you are a pianist experiencing tension or pain, do not despair. With the right support, most pianists can make a good recovery, even from severe injury. There are many ways you can help yourself: finding the best medical advice, reflecting on possible causes and reassessing your playing methods so as to avoid recurrence of the problem in the future.