Four-day Online course for Piano Teachers on teaching piano technique

Course C - Sept 19, Oct 3rd, Oct 17th and Nov 7th, 2021

Course days will take place online from 10.30am - 4.30pm.

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This is an intensive practical course for piano teachers, both new and experienced, wishing to receive more in-depth training in how to use Penelope’s approach to healthy technique in their teaching practice.  All the main aspects of piano technique will be covered at beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Between sessions, participants will be given suggested reading tasks from Penelope’s book, The Complete Pianist. They will also be encouraged to apply new techniques learned into their regular teaching.

The format will include tuition by Penelope, discussion groups and Question and Answer sessions.  Participants are encouraged to be at their piano during the sessions in order to experience the practical exercises as fully as possible.

Each session will be recorded for participants who are unable to attend on the day or are participating from a different time zone.

Cost is £240 for the four-day course (full-time music students £140), including a copy of Penelope’s new books The Complete Piano Technique Books 1 and 2 (when available), a copy of the recording, and a certificate of attendance at the end of the course.  On completion of the course, there is the option to work towards an accreditation assessment, leading towards accreditation as an approved teacher of the Roskell method.

Participants also have access to the Roskell Academy Piano Group on Facebook which offers ongoing support to piano teachers.

Applications for the course starting in September are now open.

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Course Content will include:

Day 1:

Introduction to healthy technique; Warm-ups; Posture; Parachute touch; Strengthening the hand and finger; Finger touch.

Day 2:

Detached playing; Slurs; Staccato; Legato; Scales; Broken chords; Arpeggios. 

Day 3:

Cantabile chords; Staccato chords; Throwing the hand; Upward chords; Leaps; Forward and back; Rounded movements; Rotation.

Day 4:

Voicing; Dynamic contrasts;  Fortissimo, pianissimo, accents and articulation; Ornaments; Pedalling.