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London courses and Online events

The courses below are organised and run by Penelope Roskell. Learn more about types of courses and where they are held on the 'Tuition' page.
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  • One-day Workshops on Technique (Online)

    This workshop is open to all pianists professional performers and teachers, students and amateur pianists, who are interested in learning more about Penelope’s approach to piano playing and teaching.
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  • Three-day Advanced London Piano Course - CANCELLED

    CANCELLED Taking place over three days, this advanced course focuses on repertoire, technique, and healthy piano playing...
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  • New! Four-day Online course for Piano Teachers on teaching piano technique

    This is an intensive practical course for piano teachers wishing to receive more in-depth training in how to use Penelope’s approach to technique in your teaching practice.
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Outside London Courses

The courses below are organised by other venues. Please contact them directly for enquiries and bookings.
  • Workshop for the Online Academy

    2pm-3.30pm Workshop on healthy piano playing. 4pm-5.30pm Pianist injury advice and clinic.
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  • Benslow Summer School

    Exploring twentieth and twenty first century piano music.
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  • Chethams Summer School

    Please enquire and book with Chethams directly.
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  • Pianissimi weekend (Suffolk)

    A very enjoyable course for advanced amateurs.
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  • From Healthy Technique to Natural Artistry at Finchcocks

    This 3-day course for advanced pianists will include workshops, masterclasses, an evening recital and provide time to explore the grounds and the idyllic scenery of the Finchcocks estate.
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EPTA Netherlands interview with Penelope

Paul Weeren from EPTA Netherlands interviewed Penelope Roskell on healthy piano technique and her new book, The Complete Pianist.

It is really a joy for me to have this interview with you about your work, and especially also about the book that you have written and has just had published – The Complete Pianist: from healthy technique to natural artistry. It is a wonderful book

Q&A session on The Complete Pianist

I had pleasure of being hosted on Ieva Dubova’s Q&A session in which we discussed many aspects of piano playing and my new book, The Complete Pianist.  Here is a recording of the session below.