Penelope is committed to sharing the knowledge and experience she has accumulated over forty years to benefit future generations.

Her major new book, The Complete Pianist: from healthy technique to natural artistry, will be published in print version (with accompanying demonstration videos) by Peters Edition in February 2020. It offers a new and unique approach to piano playing. Containing more than 500 pages of text, 300 videos performed by Penelope herself, and 250 newly-devised exercises, this is the most comprehensive book ever written on piano playing.

The Art of Piano Fingering (published in 1996) has become acknowledged as a standard text on the subject of fingering.

Penelope’s Yoga for Musicians (published in 2004) is currently available both as a DVD and online through the Online Academy.

Penelope also writes articles for music magazines, including Piano Professional, Piano Magazine, Pianist Magazine and Music Teacher.

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