Penelope Roskell

International Pianist & Teacher


A mammoth undertaking is displayed by Penelope Roskell in her new Art of Piano Fingering. Roskell goes deeply and intelligently way beyond any point reached before, carefully considering the practicalities and alternatives, laying ground rules, giving copious examples from the great pianists. I like the presentation, the premise and the price.
Classical Piano

The book is succinct, easy to read and packed with well-chosen examples. It brings a fresh approach to an integral part of piano playing and teaching and should be read by everyone who does either or both. It could well be called the “Thinking Person’s Guide to Fingering” and as such will be particularly helpful to adult beginners who need to think things through for themselves rather than simply do what they’re told.
Piano Journal

A thought-provoking read calculated to stimulate every open-minded teacher – a highly recommendable rethink
Michael Round, Music Teacher

This is a very exciting book, challenging many traditional concepts of fingering for the piano. It is based on logical principles, but gives alternatives allowing for individual choice according to size and shape of hand, or just plain personal preference. Amply illustrated and including exercises to encourage students to think for themselves, it is a most valuable and thought-provoking work
European Piano Teachers Association Newsletter

The book is a provocation to consider all possible fingerings in order to choose the one that best reflects the idiosyncracies of the individual’s hand as well as the desired musical effect. While most of the space is devoted to scales and arpeggios, Roskell always remains focused on the musical result. This is certainly a lifelong search …the Art of Piano Fingering provides a fine beginning.
Piano and Keyboard USA

Penelope Roskell’s The Art of Piano Fingering is written with all the insight of an experienced performer and is an invaluable book for pianists of all ages whose ears and minds are still open to new ways of thinking in this essential art
Imogen Cooper

Stimulating, provoking the mind into questioning many established but clumsier fingerings. This book is long overdue and would prove a valuable addition to the literature of the piano student
John Lill